Month: February 2018

Vulnhub: PwnLab: Init Boot2Root VM

Introduction Today I’ll be compromising the PwnLab: Init VM created by @Chronicoder and hosted with love by Astute / psychic readers will have spotted that I’ve been following this list of VMs recently, as I’m working my way towards attempting the PWK / OSCP. Once this VM is done I’ll move on to the

Vulnhub: Stapler 1 Boot2Root VM

  Introduction Today I’ll be documenting the process I followed to compromise the Stapler 1 vulnerable VM created by g0tmi1k and hosted with love by Vulnhub Really, really enjoyed this box! Lots of fun twists, and I really loved the shenanigans on port 666 🙂 Port Scanning As usual, we kick off with a TCP port scan

Vulnhub: Fristileaks 1.3 Boot2Root VM

  Introduction This box is widely touted as being a good “OSCP prep” box, at the easier end of the difficulty spectrum. This blog post will detail how to achieve full compromise on the VM.   Note to the reader – I had a horrible time getting this to play nice with VirtualBox’s DHCP server,