Month: September 2019

x64 ASM Fundamentals 0x01 – Registers and CPU Flags

Introduction This post will be a quick whistle-stop tour of the following two concepts – Registers (variables!) CPU Flags What are registers? OK, but what ARE registers? On 64 bit intel CPUs, the (everyday, normal, non-scary-and-weird) registers can be seen in the table below. All of these registers are 64 bits (8 bytes) wide, which

x64 ASM Fundamentals 0x00 – Prerequisites

Introduction Any 64 Bit Linux Distribution I’m partial to Debian based distributions because they Just Work(tm). I’ll be using the most recent version of Ubuntu for this tutorial series, with the Terminator terminal and the solarized theme. Terminator because it makes split terminals easy, and solarized because it’s easy on my eyes and it looks