About Me

Professional Summary

I’ve been a passionate software developer since I was 16 years old. I initially picked up HTML, then dabbled in Visual BASIC, then Java, then C, then C++… Things have basically continued in that fashion, with me dabbling in every technology I can get my hands on to see what does what, and more importantly when best to use it.

Since those early days of scrabbling around writing dodgy C code, I’ve earned a First Class degree in software engineering and spent the last 8 years working as a software developer.

Around 2010, something clicked in my head and I went down the InfoSec rabbit hole and started dabbling in sites like HackThisSite, Hellbound Hackers, Enigma Group.. quickly realising that web application penetration testing is something that I’m pretty good at, and something that I find myself thinking about every day.. Fast forward a few years and I’ve started taking proactive steps to transition from Software Engineer to Penetration Tester; namely:

  • Starting this website
    • Both as a means of demonstrating what I am capable of and as a means to give something back to this amazing community of welcoming hackers.
  • Pursuing the eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester / Certified Professional Penetration Tester certifications
  • Reading every blog, book and website I can get my hands on, trying to keep up on the latest techniques, trends and technologies.

Further down the line, when I’ve achieved the certifications mentioned above I’ll pursue my OSCP certification and hopefully I’ll be in a better position to find my first Penetration Testing role.

Other Stuff

I –

  • Ride motorbikes
  • Love cooking
  • Collect single malt whiskey
  • Play on my xbox/ps4/PC
  • Tinker with PIC / Atmel microcontrollers
  • Do boot-2-root challenges for fun..

Contact Me

I can be reached on Twitter, @OhExFortyOne, my DMs are always open.