Category: Binary Exploitation

Exploit Exercises: Protostar: Stack 7

Introduction This time we’ll be covering how to compromise Stack 7 from the Protostar VM from Exploit Exercises. The last couple of write ups have been.. lengthy.. But this one will be slightly shorter, as a lot of the techniques are similar to the last write up – with only a slight tweak. This exercise suggests

Exploit Exercises: Protostar: Stack 6

Introduction This time we’re going to compromise Stack 6 from the Exploit Exercises Protostar VM. The description of this challenge states that it can be solved a few ways – Finding the payload duplicate The ret2libc method Using ROP We’re going to use method 2, using this excellent PDF as our guiding light. Onwards! The

Exploit Exercises: Protostar: Stack 5

Introduction Continuing with the Protostar VM for a bit longer, today I’ll be demonstrating how to solve “Stack 5“ Stack 5 has a teensy, tiny attack surface – it’s essentially two lines long. A buffer overflow in the buffer variable and…nothing else. Which means it’s our first time using shellcode!  The Vulnerability The vulnerability here

Exploit Exercises: Protostar Setup & Stack 0-4

Introduction In a break from my regularly scheduled penetration test / boot to root write ups I’m going to document how to complete a couple of the exercises from the Protostar VM from Exploit Exercises – normal boot-to-root service will resume shortly. 🙂 Setup If you’re reading this then you’re probably already experienced enough to spin