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x64 ASM Fundamentals 0x01 – Registers and CPU Flags

Introduction This post will be a quick whistle-stop tour of the following two concepts – Registers (variables!) CPU Flags What are registers? OK, but what ARE registers? On 64 bit intel CPUs, the (everyday, normal, non-scary-and-weird) registers can be seen in the table below. All of these registers are 64 bits (8 bytes) wide, which

Bulldog 2 Boot to Root VM Walkthrough

Introduction Today I’ll be demonstrating the process to fully compromise the Bulldog 2 VM created by @frichette_n This was a fun box, and was probably the first challenge VM I’ve attacked which had a realistic volume of data within (15,000 users…!). Overall I learned a lot from this VM and I hope you all learn something from

‘Node’ Boot to Root VM Walkthrough

Introduction Today we’re going to be looking at the Node VM created by @iamrastating and hosted with love by vulnhub.com. This was my first (I think?) NodeJS application assessment and I was VERY EXCITED. Let’s get to it!